FAQs (online appointments)

Can I receive a confirmation message, after making an appointment?

Yes, you can. Every appointment is confirmed via email/sms with specific date, time and consultant for appointment.

Is there any delay for the online appointment to appear in website?

Ideally, there should not be any delay since the appointment is made in real time. However, it depends on your internet speed.

What happens if two patients/caregivers choose the same appointment at the same time?

There is no option in the system to select requests for the "same slot" at the "same time".

Can I make an appointment via my smart phone?

Yes, you can, if you have an internet connectivity with iPhone or Android smart phone.

Can I make more than one appointments in a day?

Yes, you can make a maximum two appointments in a day-one for Speech & Language Therapy and one for Occupational Therapy. [In case of two appoints: it is advised to have first the appointment for Speech & Language Therapy and then for Occupational Therapy].

Can I choose any Consultant?

Yes, you can choose appointments from any consultants available for the day

Can I create more than one account for my patient?

We strongly discourage to create more than one user account for an individual in order to monitor and evaluate individual special child properly through ERP based system. In case of creating more than one account, all IDs will be temporarily blocked and deposited money will NOT be refunded.

Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address to complete the registration process, confirm you about the appointment and subsequent communications.

Can I offer/exchange my booked appointment with other recipient?

No. Users are not allowed to offer/ exchange booked appointment with others by him/herself.

Can I cancel my Online appointment?

Yes, you can cancel your appointment following steps:

  • Press the "Cancel Button" and a cancellation code will be generated and sent to your Mobile/email;
  • Insert the cancellation code into the designated box;
  • Press "Submit Button"
  • Please keep this Cancellation Code for Make-up booking within next one month.

Following cancellation policy will apply:

  • NO money will be refunded for cancellation of any appointment;
  • ONLY there will be a provision of specific make-up appointments [e.g Speech & Language Therapy for Speech & Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy for Occupational Therapy]
  • Cancellation notice must be received by us prior to a minimum of 24 hours of your appointment time;
  • Specific make-up appointments are made within the next one month using cancellation code sent to your mobile/email.
  • Reschedule of an appointment can be made once only.