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Foundation for Advancement of Innovations in Technology and Health, Bangladesh

Training Notice

Training of Trainers

Course Duration :

25 Apr, 2024 - 27 Apr, 2024

Hosted By :

faith Bangladesh

Last Date of Application :

20 April, 2024

Location :

faith Bangladesh Training Room-1, House: 2/4 (Kha), Block: C, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1205

Course Fee :

National: BDT10000.00
International: USD200.00

Lead Facilitator :

Nilufer Ahmed Karim

Lead Trainer

photo : Nilufer Ahmed Karim

for further queries please contact with

S M Asif Arman

Cell: 01973248423


Training plays an essential role in crafting a productive workforce by acquisition of skills, concepts or attitudes that result in improved performance. To provide a successful training that will provide a powerful skill set and opportunity for growth and development, effective delivery of training is required by a skilled trainer. The coaching and facilitating skills of expert trainers allow them to teach what needs to be learned in such a way that trainees pick it up easily and use it successfully. The key abilities of a proficient trainer/facilitator- efficient delivery, handling group dynamics, training design, need assessment etc. - require constant development. Training of Trainers (ToT) is a high-level professional learning course for those who will be providing training and capacity-building assistance in different settings. It will provide individuals with not only the practical instructional design skills, platform techniques and confidence they need, but also with critical skills that facilitate learning and ensure retention.

Course Description and Objective:

The ToT engages participants in a comprehensive, multi-day distributive learning process designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to train effectively in an organizational setting and to create a scope for developing training delivery competencies of an individual who is eager to enhance professionalism in the training arena. This rigorous course workshop includes advanced training on the science of learning, intensive coaching on effective strategies for engaging adult learners and targeted instruction and practice in training others to deliver a specific curriculum.



Expected Outcome:

It is expected that after the successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of training and importance of participation in training.
  • Assess the learning requirements/needs of an organization.
  • Describe the process of designing need-based training program.
  • Apply the methods & techniques of professional training facilitation.
  • Evaluate the learning outcomes of the participants.
  • Explain the required skills and qualities of a good trainer/facilitator


Course outline

  • Training- concept & process: This module addresses the theory of training.
  • Training needs assessment- concepts and methods: This module concentrates on identifying the gap(s) between current performance and organizational objective(s) and to recommend the training to address these gap(s).
  • Designing training curriculum: Training curriculum is the total package designed to deliver the training objective. This module addresses on crafting the curriculum in most effective way so that trainee(s) can absorb intended deliveries smoothly.
  • Training management: Proper management of training, from participant selection to faculty meeting, is essential for successful preparation, implementation and evaluation of the training. This module concentrates on different approach of management to efficiently deliver the training.
  • Facilitation skills development: This module addresses the fundamentals required for the effective delivery of training with the aim of that training being "to get the message across’’. It includes
    • Tools & techniques of conducting participatory training program
    • Presentation skills of a trainer/facilitator
  • Training evaluation- concepts and techniques: This module aims to introduce trainee(s) to the necessity and approach for evaluating the effectiveness of the training, as well as assessing their individual performance as trainers.


Approach to the course

Participatory approach will be used in this course. Handouts will be distributed and reference of relevant literature will be given to the participants. The course includes the methodologies mentioned below:

  • Lecture/discussion: Lecture/discussion with maximum trainee participation through questioning and exercise in impromptu speaking to an audience to identify and become acquainted with the essential elements of getting the message across and becoming an effective oral communicator.
  • Brainstorming: Osborn’s original idea to engage trainee(s) in critical thinking to find out solutions around a specific domain of interest by generating free thoughts.
  • Group exercise: Catch a group of trainees in a participatory exercise to find out solutions of problem(s).
  • Role play: Imitating of one’s character and behavior to understand the practical concept.
  • Case study: Understanding a particular instance and analyze it to use in intended context.
  • VIPP( Visualization in Participatory Program): Imaginative blend of different visualized tactics which stress the magnitude of group’s contribution in mitigating development problems.
  • Games and exercises: Enriching training with interactive activities of fun and learn through them.

Evaluation Process

The learning and reaction evaluation will be used in the course.

Course Duration and Timing:

The course will be conducted for 3 days. Sessions will be conducted from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Venue: faith Bangladesh, House: 2/4 (Kha), Block: C, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1205

Resource Persons: faith Bangladesh & Renowned external trainers

Target group /participants:

Any professional currently involved in training or capacity building or willing to do so in near future is eligible for the course.


Number of participants:

It is intended to accept a maximum of 20 participants per batch.


Course fee:

BDT 10000.00 to cover the cost of training materials, faculty time, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, Lunch and certificate of participation. However, travel costs, medical insurance, other meals and accommodation are not included in the course fee. The course fee is payable on notification of acceptance preferably by wire transfer or bank draft in favor of faith Bangladesh (bank details will be provided with acceptance letter). Admission will be confirmed only when the fee is received.

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