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Foundation for Advancement of Innovations in Technology and Health, Bangladesh

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Inclusive Education Mastery: Behavioral and Sensory Integration Training

Course Duration :

02 Aug, 2024 - 02 Aug, 2024

Hosted By :

faith Bangladesh

Last Date of Application :

31 July, 2024

Location :

faith Bangladesh Training Room-1, House: 2/4 (Kha), Block: C, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1205

Course Fee :

National: BDT3000.00
International: USD100.00

Lead Facilitator :

photo :

for further queries please contact with

S M Asif Arman

01783248423, 01823248423


In response to the growing need for effective special education, faith Bangladesh is proud to announce a comprehensive day-long training session tailored for special educators. This training will delve into key aspects such as Behavior and Sensory Integration, offering a holistic approach to understanding and managing diverse needs within the classroom.


Course Description and Objective:

This training aims to equip special educators with valuable insights and practical strategies to address challenges related to behavior and sensory integration. Participants will gain a deep understanding of decoding sensory and behavioral triggers, effectively addressing tantrums, meltdowns, and attention-seeking behavior. The course focuses on harnessing sensory integration techniques and provides immediate strategies for classroom sensory management.


Expected Outcome:

Participants can expect to leave the training with enhanced skills and knowledge, enabling them to create more inclusive and supportive learning environments for students with special needs. The training empowers educators to implement practical strategies that foster positive behavior and sensory integration within the classroom.


Course Outline:

  • Overview of Special Education
  • Importance of Special Educators
  • Navigating Roles and Parent Counseling 
  • Behavior and sensory integration involve the relationship between actions and sensory experiences.
  • In classroom management, understanding this connection is crucial.
  • Sensory integration entails processing sensory information affecting behavior.
  • Strategies include recognizing sensory impacts and implementing appropriate interventions.
  • Techniques: sensory breaks, creating sensory-friendly environments, visual schedules, fidget tools, and sensory-based activities.
  • Short-term management involves immediate strategies like sensory tools and quiet spaces.
  • Long-term management includes individualized sensory plans and collaboration with therapists.


Duration and Timing:

Duration: Full day (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)



Faith Bangladesh Training Venue


Resource Persons:

Our expert trainers bring a wealth of experience in special education, behavior management, and sensory integration. Their insights and practical guidance will ensure a valuable learning experience for all participants.


Target Group/Participants:

  • Special Educators
  • Teachers working with students with special needs
  • School administrators
  • Anyone interested in enhancing their skills in behavior and sensory management


Course Fee:

BDT 3000.00


Organized by:

faith Bangladesh


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact in the lives of students with special needs. Join us for a day of insightful learning and practical strategies. Register now to secure your spot!


For registration and inquiries, please contact: 01783248423, 01823248423


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House: 2/4 (Kha),
Block: C, Lalmatia,
Dhaka 1205



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