Training of Trainers

Background: Training is essential for helping employees contribute productively. As employees master new attitudes, skills, and knowledge, organizations ride the wave of a more productive work force. Expert trainers have mastered certain techniques. Their coaching and facilitating skills allow them to teach what needs to be learned in such a way that employees pick it up easily and use it successfully. Effective training boosts employees to a higher level of productivity. But it does not happen all at once .Taking an organization from mediocre to successful by employing effective training techniques takes time. Training and facilitating skills improve only through practice. To become an effective trainer or facilitator one needs to understand the training process and how to apply training techniques ultimately determines his/her success as a trainer/facilitator. So to be a professional trainer this Training of Trainers Course will give an opportunity to an individual to learn some of the trainer’s techniques. Course Description and Objectives The Training of Trainers Course is designed to provide the training requirement(s) in an organizational setting and to create a scope for developing training delivery competencies of an individual who is eager to enhance professionalism in the training arena. It is expected that after the successful completion of the course, participants will be able to: Explain the concepts of training and importance of participation in training Assess the learning requirements/needs of an organization Describe the process of designing need-based training program Apply the methods & techniques of professional training facilitation Evaluate the learning outcomes of the participants Explain the required skills and qualities of a good Trainer/Facilitator Course outline Training: Concept & Process Training Needs Assessment: Concepts and methods Designing Training Curriculum Training Management Facilitation Skills Development: 1. Tools & Techniques of Conducting Participatory Training Program 2. Presentation skills of a trainer/facilitator Training Evaluation: Concepts and techniques Approach to the course Participatory approach will be used in this course .Handouts will be distributed and reference of relevant literature will be given to the participants’ .The course includes the methodologies mentioned below: Lecture Discussion Brain Storming Group Exercise Role Play Case Study VIPP( Visualization in Participatory Programmes) Games and exercises Evaluation Process The learning and reaction evaluation will be used in the course. Course duration and timing The course will be conducted for 3 days. Sessions will be conducted from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Resource Persons: faith Bangladesh & external trainers Target group /participants: any individual (professional) who is interested to learn trainer’s techniques Number of participants: 20 Course fee: BDT 8000.00 to cover the cost of training materials, faculty time, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, Lunch and certificate of participation. However, travel costs, medical insurance, other meals and accommodation are not included in the course fee.