Excellence in Professional Customer Service Training

Overview: Irrespective of whether one is employed in a profit-driven or nonprofit organization, every profession caters to a customer base, and every employer aims to deliver the finest customer experience possible. Concurrently, customers, whether internal or external, invariably anticipate top-tier services from their service providers. This underscores the importance of fostering a positive mindset and equipping customer service professionals with effective techniques to not only meet customer expectations but also adeptly handle challenging scenarios. Anticipated Learning Outcomes: This course endeavors to enable participants to: • Recognize the symbiotic relationship between organizational expectations and individual contributions. • Comprehend customer psychology to accurately discern and address their needs. • Demonstrate resilience techniques to effectively navigate difficult situations. • Cultivate a culture of service excellence. Course Outline: Module 1: Interplay of My Organization, My Role & My Customers • Self-Alignment with the Organization: • Personal Alignment vis-à-vis the Organization: • Understanding and Engaging with Customers/Clients: • Case Studies in Analysis: Module 2: Attaining Customer Service Excellence • Decoding Customer Psychology: • Fostering a Welcoming Demeanor: • Identifying and Fulfilling Customer Needs: • Elevating the Standard of Service Excellence: • Nurturing a Positive First Impression Instructional Approach: The course embraces a participatory pedagogy. Participants will be furnished with handouts and referred to pertinent literature. The following methodologies will be employed: • Interactive Lectures/Discussions: Engaging trainees in dialogue and exercises, encouraging spontaneous communication to grasp the essentials of effective verbal communication. • Brainstorming: Encouraging critical thinking among trainees to generate innovative solutions within specific domains. • Group Exercises: Collaborative problem-solving endeavors to tackle challenges collectively. • Case Studies: Delving into specific instances for analysis and contextual application. • VIPP (Visualization in Participatory Program): Employing creative visual tactics to underscore group contributions in problem-solving. • Interactive Games and Exercises: Infusing training with enjoyable yet educational activities. Assessment Methodology: The course will incorporate learning and reaction evaluation techniques. Duration and Schedule: The course spans 2 days, with sessions scheduled from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Resource Personnel: Expert trainers from faith Bangladesh along with renowned external professionals. Target Audience: Professionals actively engaged in direct or indirect customer service roles, as well as individuals aspiring to forge a career in the customer service realm. Participant Capacity: Each training batch will accommodate a maximum of 20 participants to ensure personalized attention. Course Fee: A fee of BDT 8000.00 covers training materials, faculty expertise, refreshments, lunch, and a certificate of participation. It's important to note that expenses related to travel, accommodation, additional meals, and medical insurance are not included in this fee. The course fee can be settled via wire transfer or bank draft in favor of Faith Bangladesh (bank details will be communicated upon acceptance). Admission to the training will be confirmed upon receipt of the fee.